Life-Changing Visit to ADP Programs

Andrea Andrews
Africa Exchange Tour Participant

Africa Development Promise provides authentic, transformative, and tailored experiences to the international leadership, training, and development landscape. ADP offers the perfect mix of culture, experiences, international business development, leadership, and real-time on the ground opportunities for utilization of key concepts.
Some of the experiences included: Akagera National Park- Safari, Ngamba Island – Chimpanzee Reserve, Rafting in the Nile River and so much more.
I gained powerful insights regarding governance, international business development, human capital, and infrastructure that can be applied daily in business dealings and negotiations. Be prepared to leave your ego at the door and come learn lifelong principles to lead more effectively. ADP is a great organization to partner with for your international development needs.
ADP is delivering smart and innovative results to uplift women, create empowerment, and promote sustainable economic growth opportunities in East Africa. We visited several cooperatives, each with its own set of unique challenges and opportunities. The first woman-led cooperative that we visited in Rwanda was responsible for harvesting bell peppers, lettuce, and maize. Local farmers were faced with barriers to overcome —- mainly related to contaminated soil and water resource allocation. With the assistance of ADP, a new approach of above-ground farming, clean water, and the implementation of greenhouses to reduce climate impacts to crop production — the partnership has proven beneficial for farmers and the surrounding community. As operational efficiencies arise, new opportunities have presented that drive the partnerships with the cooperatives and ADP to continue or end. Storage, electricity, and water remain the top concerns in many communities in East Africa and will become critical elements needed for infrastructure development, sustainability strategies, and operational management in the future. These are some of the challenges that the locals and ADP representatives work on together to create sustainable solutions for Rwanda.
In Uganda, we visited a cooperative specializing in mushroom production. They were able to establish cost savings of $1.00 by learning to create grow sacks or “gardens” as they are referred to by farmers. Also, as with the facility in Rwanda, having water infrastructure and grow house facilities in place yields higher production and more profitable harvests. In addition, the training center offers a women’s tailoring program and a computer literacy program, to support careers outside of agriculture.
“Girls with Dreams!” another ADP program, is hopeful to develop into a cross continental exchange program benefiting African women and girls! The energy, intelligence, and vibrancy of the young women at the centre was unmatched. We need to uplift more of our girls and this program fulfills that need.
Huge shout out to all the staff, drivers and guides stateside and on continent! A wealth of knowledge, experience, comfort and professionalism, these individuals were committed to our safety and well-being. The leadership of the organization walks the talk! Monica is an extraordinary leader with poise, grace, and a timeless approach to contemporary leadership that many should take note.
To sum up my experience with ADP I’d say, “it was life changing!” Well worth the personal, professional, and financial investment! Lead forward and support this movement any way possible. When women lead, amazing results happen!