Our Impact is spreading across Rwanda

Africa Development Promise’s (ADP) impact is spreading in the Bugesera District of Rwanda. The positive impact has been noticed by many, but more so by Turwayne Inzara Mu Ngo Zacu, an agricultural cooperative that neighbors an ADP-sponsored cooperative. In one short year the ADP-sponsored cooperative was thriving — it had constructed two greenhouses and their tomato harvest was booming! Inspired by the progress they witnessed, the cooperative reached out to ADP, who was excited to work with them. An initial assessment revealed that the cooperative had a basic understanding of cooperative principles and governance and was fairly organized. However, they lacked a clear strategy, management training, access to agricultural inputs, reliable market channels, and most importantly, land ownership — which is a requirement before ADP will support with any capital infrastructure. In 2016, ADP linked them with a local bank to secure a loan for 1 hectare plot of land. They are currently on track for full ownership of the property by the end of 2017. The members of the cooperative received financial management training to strengthen their capacity to handle various financial relationships, maintain accurate financial and crop production records and pay back the loan. In addition, the 64 members (42 women and 22 men) received training on how to manage a household income. Members also received trainings on crop rotation, modern agriculture, and dealing with climate change.   A new greenhouse were installed in January 2017. In just a few short months, Turwayne Inzara Mu Ngo Zacu Cooperative’s tomato harvest began to flourish. By April, they harvested 50kgs of tomatoes, the following week they harvested 170kgs, and now they have an average harvest of 250kgs a week. Thanks to ADP, the members of the cooperative are now able to buy health insurance and pay their children’s school fees. Speciose Nyirabazungu, President of the Turwayne Inzara Mu Ngo Zacu Cooperative explained, “Our cooperative is very grateful to ADP because since they have started to work together with us we have become more prosperous. . . . Now our members have the assurance that the future of their children is more secure because they have better education and health aspects.” With your help, ADP may continue its outreach in Rwanda and Uganda. Please consider giving to ADP on Colorado Gives Day.

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