Building Pathways to Self-Sufficiency


Currency:Rwanda Franc (RWF)
Population:12.2 million
Exports:Tea, Coffee and Hides
Commodities:Plantain, Irish Potatoes and Cassava

Kinyarwanda, French & English

Our Work in Rwanda

When Africa Development Promise began our program in Bugesera District of Rwanda in 2014, the women’s cooperative was growing rain-fed crops in an open field. In prior years they had experienced tremendous losses due to the drought and erratic weather patterns  plus they lacked access to training, improved seed, fertilizer and pest control solutions. As they struggled, the cooperative membership dwindled from the original 188 to 66 members. 

Through partnerships with the local government and agri-businesses, Africa Development Promise has worked to train the women on agricultural best practices; facilitated the construction of three greenhouses; and implemented a multi-purpose water system. By connecting them with a local micro-finance bank the women secured a loan (which is now paid off) and successfully purchased additional land for expansion. Today, Africa Development Promise supports five women led cooperatives and is mobilizing more cooperatives – a total of 200 farmers impacting approximately 925 family members. 

Where to Find Us:

ADP Rwanda Office

Providence House, Office #304, Nyamata Cell, Nyamata Sector, Bugasera District, Rwanda

Building Stable and Sustainable Water Systems

Rwanda, also known as the Land of a Thousand Hills, has a landscape that is very challenging for productive agriculture. With climate change related droughts, floods and water scarcity, rural farmers are becoming increasing vulnerable and less able to move out of poverty…

Supporting Home-Grown Economic Initiatives

In just one year Turwanye Inzara Mu Ngo Zuca Cooperative (aka Let us fight hunger in our household) made up of 42 women and 22 men, has made tremendous progress through greenhouse-grown tomato production….

Building a Sense of Place

Empowering rural women—the process of educating, training and developing their capacity both as individuals and/or institutions (cooperatives and partners). This is at the core Africa Development Promise’s mission and we are committed to seeing rural women reach their full potential as self-sufficient individuals…

Empower women farmers of Rwanda.