Supporting Home-Grown Economic Initiatives

In just one year Turwanye Inzara Mu Ngo Zuca Cooperative (aka Let us fight hunger in our household) made up of 42 women and 22 men, has made tremendous progress through greenhouse-grown tomato production. With their Africa Development Promise supported greenhouse they have been able to provide a consistent supply of tomatoes to the markets year-round. This, in turn, enabled them to pay off a farm mortgage giving them a sense of pride and the motivation to diversify their activities to include goats that are a drought-resistant source of food and income. Rather than receive support for a second greenhouse, they made a compelling case for support through the purchase of 70 goats — to increase the tomato yield using goat manure, improve family nutrition and diversify their profit streams. Africa Development Promise further supported this effort by providing trainings to identify the appropriate breed, health and disease management, proper grazing practices, breeding, and more.

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