Yes, We Can cooperative


Yes, We Can is a new Africa Development Promise supported cooperative located in Luwande – Ssayi, Gombe subcounty, Wakiso District. This ambitious group of twenty women and two men came together in 2017 with a single purpose – to collectively uplift their economic status and solve poverty related challenges for themselves and their community. They grow and sell maize, cassava, sweet potatoes, and soya beans on a 3-acre plot as a means of creating sustainable livelihoods. However, they realize that there is considerable potential to expand their cooperative business. With support from Africa Development Promise they plan to increase maize production, grind it into fortified flour blend and package it for sale to institutions such as schools, hospital or prisons. The challenge they face is the lack of water and poor irrigation infrastructure, lack of access to improved inputs such as seed, fertilizer and pesticides, and need for a storage facility with grinder. ​In 2019, Africa Development Promise – Uganda will partner with University of Colorado – Boulder’s IEEE Special Interest Group on Humanitarian Technology (SIGHT) to support Yes, We Can. With a $40K grant from IEEE Humanitarian Activities Committee (HAC), ADP will support the cooperative with smart farming tools such as solar water pumps, water saving drip irrigation systems, improved seed, fertilizer and provide training on soil health and crop rotation, etc.   Yes, We Can is excited about the partnership and the potential to grow their business. Working with a business development services consultant they are preparing for the coming year by working on their marketing and action plans. We are excited about working with Yes, We Can because we believe that they can. 


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